Review – The Gene Pull


Désolée mais le livre n’a pas été publié en français, donc si vous voulez le lire ça sera en anglais et j’imagine que vous pouvez lire ma critique en anglais aussi si vous comptez le lire en anglais :p Si vous voulez l’acheter en euros, c’est ici.  

Book description: Sixteen-year-old Noah Fletcher has a lot on his mind. Not only has he finally come to terms with being gay, but he also harbors a much deeper secret. He’s been abducted by aliens who, after performing who-knows-what kind of experiments on him, left him naked in a cornfield with the ability to talk to and understand all the animals on earth.
Noah decides he’s ready to come out, but his best friend, Chris Cassidy, reacts badly to the news, brutally rejecting him, and before long, the whole school turns against Noah. He’s just about to give up on having human friends when popular cheerleader Candy Bloom sticks up for him publicly. Noah is happy to have her on his side, but there’s something strange about Candy. She seems to know more than she should. Somehow, she knows about his secret power and warns him about what’s coming next…an alien invasion. The question is, how are they going to stop it? And who else will join them on their mission?

So, what did I think about this book?

I received this book in exchange for a review and it’s been a really good surprise. I hadn’t planned on writing about it on my blog but I think the book deserves it. I just loved it. This book was completely unique. First of all, it was the first time I read a book about aliens because I don’t usually like that subject but it was well mixed with the rest of the story. Also, it’s about a gay teenager coming out. And about superpowers, and at the same time about daily life at school. So yeah, I can say it’s unique and very original.

I loved the characters, especially Noah (the main character), the plot and the way it was written. It’s too bad so much was revealed in the book description, it takes away all the suspense because we already know what’s going to happen and we can’t guess anything. It was still nice to read of course, but the description of the book should be shorter and should reveal less things.

There was a lot of action during this short book and you can’t be bored for even a second. It’s the first book of the author and he’s quite young so this is a really good start, not everything is perfect in the book but it’s his first book. I hope he goes on writing because he’s talented. I got into the story very fast and I was sad when it was the end. Thanks again for letting me read this book.

Pages: 192

Price: $7.99. You can buy it here.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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